Krampus: The Raw Footage


For my birthday in September of 2013, the inimitable Amy Wendt and I threw a party in which the hook was that everyone (who wanted to) was supposed to bring me a monster-themed liquor, and drink it with me on camera, for a special episode of Rev. Matt’s Monster Science. The party was an enormous success, but one part of the plan went wrong: We got enough indispensable material for at least four or five Rev. Matt’s Monster Sciences.

Here, in this unedited, behind-the-scenes footage, the frankly incredible Ms. Stephanie Huss brings me a birthday cake and sings us a song, and we all learn about Krampus. Please note: Unlike the usual, there are swears. Also, by this point in the evening I was at least somewhat drunk.

Rev. Matt’s Monster Science returns in 2014.

Posted by
Reverend Matt

December 26, 2013