The Mystery of the Gryphon’s Ears


For our second video here, we go to the first Rev. Matt’s Monster Science ever, in the Minneapolis Encyclopedia Show from July of 2012. (See “About” for more on said Show.) The theme was mythical creatures, which somehow led to quite a lot of talk about copulating with horses; the hosts were Allison Broeren and Mike Fotis. I had to operate my own slides, on a computer a few feet from me, which explains the silences behind some of the images here – which displayed above me, which explains some of my gestures. Probably there are some more things about this that would make more sense were I to give you context, but you’re clever sorts. You’ll figure it out. Suffice it to say it was all an extraordinary time and I am thrilled to have been a part of it.

Posted by
Reverend Matt

June 13, 2013