XCPD #33: Pure Ejaculation of Awesome


The link, it is here!

Earlier this year, your pal the Reverend had the singular honor of being a guest on the extraordinary Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome podcast. Those of you who already listen to same, of course, already know this. Those of you who do not, well, first of all you need to get right with it, and second of all let me tell you what it’s all about: Xanadu CPD is the work of the inestimable Melissa Kaercher and Windy Bowlsby, who sit around and talk about movies whilst getting drunker and drunker. Generally they talk about a whole series or category of movie in each episode.

Mmmyep. That about covers it. Except to again emphasize that it’s amazing.

In the mighty #33, the first of my two guest-starring episodes, we discuss the work of Guillermo del Toro, which of course gives me ample opportunity to say things about monsters. We also talk for some length about Mike Mignola, H.P. Lovecraft, and dragon movies. I manage to work in Hatzegopteryx. It was an honor to do, and enormous fun, and now it’s time for you to listen to it!

(There’s a good deal more swearing in it than in my own material, so if you’re six years old, buckle up! Also it’s a bit over an hour long, so throw it on the headphones and allow it to distract you from your work, weakening the American economy. And finally, it’s right here!)