XPCD #38: I’ve Got No Quarrel with a Bomb


Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome is an extraordinary podcast by Ms. Melissa Kaercher and Ms. Windy Bowlsby, in which they discuss movies whilst growing progressively more inebriated. You should listen to it! If you’re not, here’s a gateway: my second appearance thereon, in which we discuss the Planet of the Apes films! Accessible by clicking on this sentence right here!

I, er, kind of take over this one, a bit. It’s frankly rather rude of me. But then, Melissa and Windy laugh cruelly at me when I start talking about the novelization of “Escape from the Planet of the Apes,” so I figure we’re even.

As with my first guest appearance – which may be found here – it’s a little over an hour long! Listen to it while working or baking or sinking slowly into quicksand. Also, there’s swearing. Also we get really drunk.

Oh, and my deepest thanks to Ms. Kaercher and Ms. Bowlsby for letting me in on their fantastic thing!